The Devils Library

$ 125.00

As I recall Dr Corbeau had in his possession an extensive library of miniature books. These tiny artefacts held a peculiar fascination for me.

Yet he would not let me near them swearing that damnation would be my due and that the burden was his alone.

So it was with the aid of a handkerchief doused in laudanum and some degree of nocturnal stealth that I ventured to discover their secrets.....

A tale of love that transcends death.

A tale of intimacy, separation and reunion in spirit.

A story is told of your great grandfather Roland and his wife Beatrice, and the strange telepathic experiments they would conduct with an ordinary pack of playing cards.

Cruel death played the final hand and Roland never returned from his service in the war.

However, not even death could separate two souls so intimately bound.

What you get.

Set of ‘Highlander poker cards.

Beautiful Moonskin card case.

Postcard with hand written note from Roland.

Drawstring bag.

Full PDF covering details of the routine.

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