Artifactum Altar - Gemini Artifacts
Artifactum Altar - Gemini Artifacts
Artifactum Altar - Gemini Artifacts
Artifactum Altar - Gemini Artifacts
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Artifactum Altar

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"Certainly, it looks like an innocent enough gambling table, does it not?... A little old and beaten up, but carefully restored... Yet I guarantee that from the moment you hold it, this rather plain looking card table will be your most treasured possession..."

I eyed the old gentleman with suspicion... The board was an interesting piece and it somehow drew me to it...yet the old shop was full of interesting items for the practicing mage; intricately carved wands, carefully reproduced grimoires and boxes of ancient alchemical equipment....

So why was I hanging on his every word? Why could I not take my eyes off this simple object? Why was I handing over far more money than I could reasonably afford to make it mine?

The old mystic gave me a clue to these answers as I headed out of the door, clutching the old card table to my chest....

"I would not hand this treasure over to just anyone... You see, I can read what others cannot dream of, and I know for certain that you have been through the portals of the Artifactum, and now you have the key!"

The Secrets of the Artifactum Board.

What we have here is a magical altar masquerading as a simple gambling table. Such tables were used from the 17th to the early 19th century by working 'hedge-wizards' as they practiced their cryptic and often dangerous trade. As manipulators of fate, both the gambler and the Magician share some common ground; a twilight space where they ply their trade.

On the surface of the board, the Mage lays out his tools; his wand, his incense, and the picture cards that form the twenty five doors to the realm of the Ancient Artifactum.

The Dreamer sits before the Mage and takes the pages of the Artifactum, mixing them and laying them down, until a single door suggests itself. The resonant tones of the Mage mix with the heady incense and curious images; inducing an altered state of consciousness.

The Dreamer dreams, and in her dream sees the Magical land that has called for her from birth.

The Mage and the Dreamer are here to search for a key; a simple talisman that will unlock the Dreamer’s future and align her with her true self - a goal we all seek - the very answer as to why we have been given this mortal life. The talisman is found and the Dreamer returns. Like Theseus returning from the labyrinth, she holds the treasure in her hands. When her eyes open and the page she holds is turned, she sees the very talisman that was discovered in this visionary journey.

Finally, an old worn print is revealed on the reverse of the table. Within the meandering ink, the Dreamer sees the Magical land that she has just returned from. Her seemingly autonomous vision was clearly predestined many, many years ago.

So what do we have here?

A handmade card table, beautifully crafted by Mr. Kostrach, with a detailed, hand-drawn print from Mr. Gould.

Various items that place the object in the context of a curio from a curious museum, packaged in an aged museum tube.

A printed quick start guide for producing miracles with, or without, the Artifactum.

A rather large book (in PDF form) that acts as a complete course for using the Altar as a tool for guided visualisation and magic.

... A metaphorical key to the true nature of the Artifactum.

Our aim with this piece is to take something very simple (in this case - a card table) and see how much true Magic we can extract from it.

Our aim is to present some very complex ideas - ideas that lay down the foundation for a bridge between performance magic and the real thing.

Our aim is to present challenging ideas in a graduated manner, so that you can perform something truly magical with little study. Yet, this is part of 'The Book of Doors' and as such, many doors will open for the serious student and the true Mage.

If you already own the Artifactum, this item must be part of your Magical Toolkit.

It you do not own the Artifactum - the Door opens and true Magic beckons.