The Devil Die

$ 60.00

If you were ask the Devil for something, what would it be? Wealth? Power? Eternal youth? The third in my series of Color Vision boxes, The Devil’s Die, explores that question as you relate the story of a chance meeting with a mysterious stranger who identified himself as Mr. Mephistopheles himself. As you tell the tale, the spectator is invited to participate, but isn’t really ready for how the story unfolds.

I don’t know who first came up with the brilliant idea, but Color Vision is classic of magic — simple, straightforward and deceptive. The Devil’s Die takes the effect to the next level with a carefully scripted performance, intriguing plot and plenty of spectator interaction.

The cube is two inches to the side, large enough to give the images impact, and the box is slightly over three inches -- a solid plaything worthy of the Devil!

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