The Alchemist’s Cube

$ 75.00

The Alchemist’s Cube
If they remember it at all, the word alchemy these days conjure images of robed wizards transmuting lead into gold. But alchemy is much more, the first meeting of magic and science more than 500 years ago. It was experimentation and mysticism in search of the great answers to the mysteries of the universe. Turning base metal into gold was just one of the more practical applications.
This box , for example, depicts the lab where the metals were to be transformed, but this is no ordinary laboratory. Death appears to be flaying a dragon, about the draw upon the magic essence of the beast. 
Are you an expert in medieval alchemy? No, neither am I. But take a look! inside is an alchemist’s cube, bearing secret symbols of this arcane art and science. Choose a symbol that speaks to you!
A classic of conjuring becomes a gateway to the arcane art and science of alchemy. The cube can serve as a talisman in other mysteries, or rolled like a die to propel events, but of course mystery performers will realize there’s an effect built right in. You can tell what symbol a spectator selects when your back is turned. But instead of choosing something so mundane as a color or letter, the spectator decides on something that personally says something to them, the best kind of magic. 
The alchemy symbols have been chosen to be easy to remember, to describe, and to contain enough imagery to give a quick and interesting reading of the spectator. And of course, they’ll want to see it again, bringing other symbols into play.
The Alchemist’s Cube is handmade of solid wood, built to facilitate smooth handling and finished to protect the secret. Both the box and two-inch cube are coated to withstand continuous handling by spectators.
The Alchemist’s Cube comes shipped in a linen bag and includes a with performance script and strategies, handling tips and background on the symbols.

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