Slate Books

$ 125.00

Slate books

Based on genuine slate books of the Victorian era, these entirely handmade hinged slates function not only as writing surfaces but as boxes that will hold cards and other small objects. They are gaffed in such a way as to allow two changes in a single performance — not only can messages from the spirits appear and change, but cards and similar items can be switched inside the box as well. Standard size is 6 by 8 inches — large enough for stage but small enough for parlour or close-up performance. They come with a handkerchief, chalk, a carry bag, plus routine and handling tips. These slate books are hand made to order, so please allow two weeks for construction. 

Slate books are available in the following styles:

Child’s Book: A slate book given a child in the late 19th or early 20th century. Alphabet themed front and back. A wonderful “haunted object” to add to any routine involving a child. 

Krampus: Santa Claus and the Krampus are featured on this slate book — perhaps another child’s toy, used keep track of being naughty and being nice.

Plague Doctor: Legend has it these books were used by 17th century sanitation crews to record plague casualties on their daily rounds. 

Devil’s Notebook: A slate book reputedly used by the Devil’s minions to write down deals made with doomed mortals. The Devil is on the front, a medieval scene of temptation on the front.

Dreams and Ghosts: A book used by a turn of the century spiritualist to talk to those in the Happy Summerland. Features a talking board on the back.

Slate books are also available in custom themes and sizes; contact Gemini Artifacts.

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