The Ring

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In 1736 the first Lodge was established in Hells Kitchen New York. It's been said that a butcher from the 5 points area of lower Manhattan, brought together law makers, business men, scientist's and Alchemist's to form what could be termed a "think tank". A private lodge where they could meet and discuss not only the state of society, but what the future may hold, and how they would contribute their unique talents and skill toward achieving a better place for all, or so it seemed. 

A noble endeavor indeed. What was discussed was secret and how they achieved great success in their endeavors, was also a secret, but street people talked... 

Over the years and decades those that were aware of "The Lodge" began to think that there was more to this group of esteemed gentlemen than good pedigree's fine Bourbon and cigars. There were rumors from the beginning. Why did they talk in hushed tones in public? It was also rather intriguing that they were always seen wearing an unusual silver ring. Some said it was a "secret seal" others have said there was some secret writing engraved on the rings. 

In 1837 Josephus Hobbs an inventor living in upstate New York, opened the second lodge, Chapter 2 one hundred years to the day from the first one. Chapter 2 was more eclectic than Chapter 1. Rumors were, his members were not only politicians and business men, but there were Doctors, scientists, actors and writers recruited by Hobbs. They too were always seen wearing a very large and rather cryptic looking ring. Chapter 2 was said to be the cornerstone of what the Society would would truly evolve into. 

By 1937 there were 17 chapters of the society throughout the United States, and no one knew. 

In 1938 the great grandson of Josephus Hobbs started chapter 18. His name was Cornelius Hobbs, and he would unleash many of the great works of the society onto the public, unbeknownst them. No one knew that things they saw, witnessed or heard, were the work of the Society. 

Chapter 18 is here. They would be honored to have you as a member when you acquire the chapter 18 intaglio seal ring. 

The rings are each hand cast in an antique silver blend using the lost wax method.


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