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A tale is told of how the Faerie Hunt began in vengeance and bad blood. Spiders have long been the bane of the Realm of Faerie. They occupy faerie dwellings unbidden, their webs are hazards to The Fair Folk as they walk about invisible--but above all insults to the Realm of Faerie is the Spyderwort. If one of the Blessed Ones so much as touches a spider-envenomed mushroom, a long and lingering death must be the result. For this reason, a long count of years since, Faeries began hunting spiders for sport as well as revenge.
The Faerie Hunt became so popular amongst the People of the Sidhe that they developed a sort of parlour game of it, and they called it Spyderwort. One or two of the Faerie gaming tables have fallen into mortal hands over the years (usually as a gift from Faerie), and with it a human being may match wits against one of the Invisible Host.
 . . . but, beware, not only are faeries keen-witted players who seldom lose, the price of merely playing may sometimes be steep indeed.
It is like a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors wherein Faerie beats Spider, Spider beats Mushroom, and Mushroom beats Faerie.
The tiny gaming table is set. The spec makes all of the decisions and at last selects one of three figurines hidden beneath one of three thimbles--will she win? Oh, it is very doubtful, for her faerie opponent is a wicked player indeed. Game after game, time and again, the spec covers the figurines, mixes the figurines, chooses one and yet . . . she loses to the faerie master . . . until, at last, she plays the One Great Throw: with no mixing, she selects her figurine and also the faerie's figurine and yet . . . well . . . she is playing against a keen and cunning foe.
Ah, but at what price? What must she lose simply for the sport of playing the game?
The magic of Spyderwort is the uncanny method by which the spec's invisible faerie foe unfailingly wins no matter what the spec may do--even though the spec is genuinely in complete control of every move and every choice. Use Spyderwort as a one-off magical event, a method of selecting one from a number of spectators (when you wish to force a specific win--for example, the person 'secretly' holding some item that you plan later to reveal or whose name you have already 'loaded' into your spirit slate, &c.), or as an opening to a Realm of Faerie presentation wherein the 'price of playing' is revealed in a number of other routines that (humourously?) place the spec in one peril or another.
Spyderwort features three sculpted-and-coloured-by-hand figurines (a spider, a bat-winged faerie, and mushrooms) that hide within (slightly oversized) wooden thimbles and an elegant little faerie gaming table. The elegant gaming table is specially designed to hold all of the pieces when not in play. The set features wooden thimbles and die and resin-cast sculptures (figurines and table).

You might think something about this sounds familiar, and indeed, if you know 'Slim King's' Roshombo or Professor BC's Confundamus, the workings of Spyderwort are indeed similar--but not precisely the same! Spyderwort features a completely new handling. Although the Confundamus handling *can* work with Spyderwort, and the Spyderwort handling *can* be adapted to Confundamus, the new handling allows for the spec to switch up the thimbles absolutely as often as she wishes (no need to decide a number beforehand) before deciding which thimble will be hers.

Completely free choice. No control of any kind. No sleights. No switches. Nothing hidden. Everything absolutely above boards with a what-you-see-is-what-you-get handling. No equivoque in the main presentation (an optional handling employs a simple and elegantly invisible equivoque for one of the finale suggestions).

The entire kit fits easily into a 6" cube with room to spare in every direction, and it is entirely self-contained. Everything fits neatly in the gaming table (when turned upside down) to sit prettily on a shelf until called upon to come down and play. Always ready. No need for any set-up at all. Instantaneous reset. Winning and losing is in your complete control at all times.

Step into the Realm of Faerie (a dark place filled with fearful enchantments) and try your luck with Spyderwort.
Who will emerge victorious from the Faerie Hunt?

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