Cuss Cards Kings

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Cuss Cards Kings

Alchemy Moon's Dark Arts Masterpiece.

The Cuss Cards are beyond doubt the most terrifying magical presentation and artifact from Alchemy Moon.

The audience is shown an intricately carved old box. From within the box, the Mage produces a securely locked leather parcel. He seems somewhat worried and reluctant to show its contents, yet the inquisitive group insist.

The parcel is unlocked – maybe for the first time in many years – and a printed cloth is laid out, revealing thirteen embossed plates of blood red and gold.

The Mage proceeds to explain their fascinating history, and shows the ancient and intricate designs revealed on the reverse of the plates.

He asks if anyone in the group believes in the power of curses as these thirteen plates represent dormant curses of the highest magnitude.

The Mage proposes a game with one of the more sceptical of the number, a game that he assures them is of historical interest only. Yet, as the game progresses, the demeanour of the Mage darkens and it is clear that this is much more of a game.

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* Thirteen individually made, hand crafted and aged Cussing Cards.

* A linen wrap, hand printed from original woodblocks to ensure authenticity. 

* Moonskin Wrap with straps and locking buckle, lock and scrimshaw 'crucified skeleton'

* Hand bound and aged 'Little Book of Cussing' to aid your performance. 

* Intricately carved and aged wooden box. Please note, the box it totally carved by hand on all outer surfaces and also hand pained in egg tempra before going through several ageing processes.

* PDF of full routine with comprehensive advice for performance and thorough notes of underlying ideas. Also, access to previous Cussing Cards material.

Extremely Limited Availability 

Each set is hand carved and crafted resulting in unique sets. The items pictured are just a representation of what you will receive. Your box art will differ. 

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