The Crystal Seance

$ 125.00

The Immutable Problem of the Ouija: At the talking board, how does one know the message is from the spirit world? How can one be assured that the dead have successfully communicated a message that they have intended?

 History: During her Warsaw Séances of 1893-94, Eusapia Palladino introduced a new device (known only by description, for the actual item had disappeared by 1900)—she called the device the séance crystal. With this ‘crystalline talking board,’ Palladino claimed that spirit communication could at last be proven both accurate and intentional.

You have recovered this lost relic of Victorian Spiritualism and intend tonight to demonstrate the uncanny power of the device and verify Palladino’s extraordinary claim by holding your own Crystal Séance.

So What is a Séance Crystal? The Séance Crystal is the artifact that Palladino used to conduct her legendary Crystal Séance. It is a 6-inch circle of etched glass with extraordinary powers.

It is a utility item unlike any you have seen before. Professor BC has created something utterly new and unique with this item.

Imagine taking any five items (any at all!) and arranging them at random in a circle. You then conduct a brief ceremony over these items and place this remarkable ‘glass Ouija board’ in the center of the circle. The glass board depicts five mysterious sigils around its edge. One-by-one the five items are turned over to see the secret mark on the bottom of each—and, one-by-one, they are seen to match exactly with the sigil indicated on the Séance Crystal.

This is really a beauty—an unearthly-and-unusual crystalline ‘talking-board’ made of thick (1/4-inch) polished glass that radiates with a beautiful, uncanny glow in candlelight. Nearly invisible when held up or placed upon a light surface, the mystic etchings nearly jump off of the glass when placed against a dark background such as its (included) blue velvet, silk-lined carry-bag.

It can be used as a prediction effect, of course, in which five items are correctly predicted to finish (quite impossibly) in the exactconfiguration randomly decided by free choice amongst any number of spectators. It can also be used to demonstrate spirit communication when the unearthly hand of the dearly departed guides the sitters to place her items in a circle of this precise configuration.

Items may be exchanged out, reconfigured, rearranged again and again throughout the ritual and yet, when the spectator(s) have finished and the ritual of the Séance Crystal is performed, the final configuration is revealed (by the specs!) to match (and matchexactly) the etched (and immovable) sigils on the glass board.

No switches, no tricky or secret moves, nothing hidden, no moving parts, no steals, no strings, no magnets or sticky stuff!Completely what-you-see-is-what-really-happened with an impossible revelation for your conclusion.

As squeaky clean and above-board as imaginable: no equivoque (ever!), completely free choice (which item to be used first, second, third, &c. is in the complete control of the specs; where that item is placed around the circle is also in the complete control of the specs, and yet time and again—against all odds—the spirits communicate and/or predict that very placement!), only the one glass board used at all times (you only get one!), and absolutely any five items may be used (completely customizable to your personal performance needs from Toys-in-the-Attic to antique jewelry to photographs found in coffins to books (yes, including Doppelängers)—if you can place them in a circle, you can conduct a Crystal Séance with them!)

You receive an etched glass Séance Crystal in an elegant velvet bag and a 29-page performance manual complete with all instructions, printable props, and suggestions for dozens of performances.

(n.b. The Séance Crystal is also the perfect platform for performing your GYRE—the possibilities for connecting the two are very exciting!)

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