Witch of Glastonbury

$ 40.00


A story is told about a fortuneteller. As the mage tells his story he illustrates it using old tarot cards. Regardless of the choices made, one always meets death. However death is the better option than who he truly meets in the end. The surprising revelation will leave your audience gasping.

This piece of bizarre magic can be performed quickly or with more of a story depending on your audience. It is a piece that really packs a punch and allows you to focus on storytelling and your audience.

You get three handmade, hand aged and hand cut cards. No three are alike so your set will be unique.  Obviously it will differ somewhat from the photographs. You also get a handmade and aged envelope for the cards and an instruction booklet.  The booklet is 8 ½” by 11” and is full color and saddle stitched.  It includes Peter Marucci’s original routine, a routine by Paul Prater and one by Christopher Gould.

No difficult sleight of hand, no switches, ends clean!

What have people said?

"You wouldn’t think packet tricks and bizarre magic would be a good mix, but it’s a beautiful marriage in this product by Paul Prater. The artwork is beautiful, and the back design is really pretty. The booklet included is gorgeous and extremely well written."--Joe Diamond, My Lovely Assistant.

"The booklet included is gorgeous and extremely well written. Highly recommended!" --Leslie Melville

"What a great product. Even the production value and design of the instructions are top notch.The cards are really well made and quite mysterious looking. I am very impressed. A big congrats to all involved. This is a story routine with tarot cards that you will use. "--Eddie Garland.

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