The White Lodge

$ 30.00

In 1925, Percy Fawcett made his final trip to the Amazon to find the lost city he named "Z." Some believed that this lost city was the fabled El Dorado and Fawcett was seeking fame and riches. Fawcett himself was driven by his desire to find one of the fabled "White Lodges," which were inhabited by all powerful beings, who controlled Earth. Maybe if Fawcett could reach a White Lodge, he too could become one of those beings; a god-king.

Percy Fawcett and his party were never heard from again. More than 100 people died trying to discover the mystery of Percy Fawcett's disapearance, despite his specific request that no one try to find him. Was this a curse from Fawcett himself?

Take your audience members on a trip to the Amazonian jungle as they search for the answer to the mystery of Percy Fawcett's death.

As you discuss the three possible ways which people believe that Fawcett may have died, you invite one audience member to really look into the eyes of Fawcett. As they do, they will discover the truth. You then prove that their intuition served them well.

This is the ultimate pack small, play big effect, as it can be done up close, for parlor or for stage.

You receive:

* A hand cut and aged photograph, which is mounted with corner tabs on an aged black backing board, in the manner of old photogrpahs.

* A fifteen page PDF with background information, story suggestions, and three different suggestions for performance based on the size of the audience and your location.

* A performance video of the routine.

This routine is extrmemely easy to perform, but packs a strong punch!

For a hand assembled, hand crafted prop, this is a price that cannot be beat.


I have to tell you your effects never disappoint. The prop really looked like an photograph I found in an old trunk somewhere . And the history you provide for the routine was plenty for me to come up with multiple routines. I performed a shorter routine for hundreds of people then later that night I performed this for a small group at dinner and used a longer story and I have to tell you it killed both times . I would recommend this to every magician I know . I will be putting this in every type of show I do . I tip my hat to you sir. Bravo you did it again. --Frankie Bones

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