The Outsider

$ 65.00

 If you loved Freaks, then you will love this. This is the high powered version!

Five art prints. A dubious past. Insanity, suicide and a connection with the past. It is rumored that the prints can transport you. That maybe you can be pulled into the picture, become a part of it.

The performer passes out five envelopes. Each envelope contains one of the images. As spectators look at the picture, the performer starts to see through their eyes, seeing what they are seeing. One spectator receives a small locket. Then, the performer goes deeper, able to feel the emotions of the spectator. Finally he reveals the image that each person is looking at. The one holding the locket has the image of a special little girl. Her image, inside the locket, matches the image on the card being held by your spectator. Then you reveal her importance.

This is a story telling routine that has unique and beautiful props.

The set comes with:

• Five high quality giclee prints

• Five black clasp envelopes

• Certificates of authenticity

• Locket with picture

• Full color booklet with routine and working

What have people said about Outsider?

"The 5.5″ x 8.5″ art cards are gorgeous, though with a decidedly bizarre theme.  The method is not new, but Prater’s presentation is fascinating and this is certainly something bizarre performers will like."--Jheff, Jheff's Marketplace of the Mind.

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