The D.C.

$ 85.00

The Diogenes Club was a fictional club created by Arthur Conan Doyle, or was it? Some people claimed that it was an actual club that was a front for the British Secret Service. In 1934 a man challenged the sale of some Arthur Conan Doyle items. He didn’t know who was behind the sale, but he made a deadly mistake.

This is the background for this routine in which a spectator mixes and selects an envelope. Another spectator selects any one of five items. It is then revealed, through a newspaper article, that the chosen item belonged to a man named Morris Lively. The other spectator opens the envelope and it is revealed that he chose the name of Morris Lively. Finally, a third spectator will take the mounted photo of Morris Lively and decide upon a manner of death. It is then revealed that it matches the manner of death written on the photo.

No magician choice, no PATEO, no pumping, all free choices.

All of the props are expertly and appropriately aged. You will get:

An aged envelope for storage.

An aged newspaper article from 1934.

A set of five different items including a key, a membership card, an invitation, a photo and a telegram

Five aged envelopes with signature cards

A gimmicked photo mounted on black cardstock

A PDF with instructions.

This routine is extremely easy to perform, but packs a strong punch!

For a hand assembled, hand crafted prop, this is a price that cannot be beat.

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