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Eighteen year old Mary Sinclair vanished like the morning dew. She was there, and then she was, well, gone. The police told her mother she was an adult and maybe she just gone away for a few days, it was after all a small town and young people do like the big city's. 

Her Mother insisted not Mary, she would not have left without telling her. She had a job, there was a fella, she was happy. The cops told her “lets wait 24 hours and then we’ll investigate” but they didn’t wait, they felt the anguish and they knew something was wrong, very very wrong. 

Detective Milton Lewis was baffled. No call from Mary and no sign of where she went or how she got there. They had been investigating for 7 days now and not a clue. But that was all about to change, and not in the way he had hoped for. 

It was late in the evening, a week to the day that Mary had vanished. Detective Lewis had just left his office and was walking toward his car when he saw it. A large envelope had been placed on his windshield. There was no name or writing of any kind on the envelope, but what it contained was a frightening mystery that would take him on a journey in search of Mary and the "evil" that seemed to hide in plain sight... 

Take your spectators on this journey into the murder of Mary Sinclair 

Included are 12 aged mounted photographs. One additional photograph 
A small strange cryptic chart 
A hand written postcard 
A hand written note from the killer and a hand written check he wrote

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