$ 25.00

WHAT IS THE SALIGIA PROJECT?  First and foremost, it is an attempt to get magicians to look at literature and find opportunities to develop bizarre routines.  Some great ideas and themes in bizarre magic come from literature.  Secondly, it is an opportunity for magicians to get some of their own ideas out there in print, if the stories I provide inspire them in some way. Finally, this is also a way for me to challenge myself with a different approach to writing.

These stories follow some of my favorite traditions in literature.  It is written like a series of short stories, all involving a revolving cast of characters.  I tried to channel Edgar Allen Poe, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Arthur Conan Doyle among others.  I am certainly not comparing my writing to theirs; I am just stating that I love these authors and their style of writing. Maybe I just love authors with three names?

The experiment is over, but you can get the book. With a forward by Ron Dayton (aka KOTAH), It is available now in a ninety three page soft print perfect bound book.

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