Lips Don't Lie

$ 12.00

Are you tired of the same old methods of doing reading? Tired of palms, tarot and other approaches? Lips Don't Lie is a fun and flirty way to do readings and leave the person with your contact information. This is something that the person is sure to remember and they WILL hold onto your business card.

The format is a 5.5" by 8.5" full color, perfect bound booklet of 27 pages. It is professionally printed and bound.

What have people said about Lips Don't Lie?

"Let me tell you, if you are a single guy, this system is absolutely deadly!! All of the mechanincs are there to make the ladies swoon plus you can leave them your number or get their number."--Shane Vozar

"After one night of using Paul Prater's Lips Don't Lie, I am excited to be giving casual readings once again. Easy to learn, fun to apply and allows you to connect with people without using card tricks."--Joe Diamond

"I think this is a very novel way to do readings. I like the fact that it is propless (i.e. no cards, no runes, etc..) You could do this with borrowed common items, such as Post-Its and a pen. This means impromtu readings are no problem."--Brynn Orr

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