$ 25.00


In the days of the sideshow, performers were celebrities.  Some were fabulously wealthy and some were not.  Regardless, they all would sell photo cards to make extra money and so people could show their friends the anatomical wonder they saw at the carnival.

 Freaks includes fivepicture postcards of sideshow freaks and aged envelopes that the postcards are kept in.  With Freaks, you have to use five audience members. Any one can pass the postcards out randomly to any member of the audience. All of the postcards are in envelopes.

You will be able to connect with one of your audience members and describe the very image they are looking at. It is of a fortune teller.

 No marked envelopes, peeks, stooges or confederates. Dead simple and perfect for parlor or stage.

 The set includes the five postcards, the envelopes and a full color booklet explaining the working, as well as a background story you can use. 

What have people said about Freaks?

A delightful and deceptively simple effect to perform. And a great lead in to other mind reading effects. I've used this a number of times over the years and it's a nice conversation piece afterwards as the images spark the imagination of our friends. --Intrepid, Magic Cafe.

Nice quality prop and great price. The method is smart and simple, which leaves you to concentrate on the story. Yes, you can make your own props and come up with many new ideas/routines. Definitely worth every penny.--Darkness, Magic Café.












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