Fallen Angels

$ 85.00

A terrible fire. The loss of twenty-six little lives. However, a message was left behind. A message that might allow one to make contact with those who have passed.

The performer shows the audience five photos of children who perished. He also has five memorial cards in a seperate pile.

Spectators chosen at random select which pile is picked up by a third person. She spells out the phrase, switching between stacks as directed by random spectators.

The top photo and top card are then placed together, the second card and photos is as well, on through the stacks.

One of the photos is removed from the corners holding it. On the back is written the name of the little child. It matches the name on the memorial card. The performer continues to go through the images showing that each one matches, despite the performer never touching the photos or cards and multiple people making choices.

The set comes with:

Five hand aged photos mounted onto black board with corners. The photo is removable and bears the name of a child on the back. This is handwritten on each photo.

Five hand aged memorial cards bearing the names and dates of the death of each child.

An 8.5 X 5.5" photo from the scene of the fire with something mysteriously contained within the photo.

A full color 15 page PDF with scripts, the working and different suggested presentation angles.

This all comes contained in a beautiful black envelope to keep everything safe and sound.

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