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James Mason had his first encounter with a ghost when he was eight. His grandfather visited him the day of his death. He tried to tell his parents about grandfather’s visit but they forbade any talk of ghosts. That same year on his birthday James received a Kodak Brownie camera and that began his two lifelong obsessions.

James spent all of his free time and money traveling to haunted locations around the world trying to capture pictures of ghostly activity. He was often successful in doing so. He tried to sell sets of his ghost photos. Few sold until after his suicide. Then people started seeing more than just ghosts in the photos. They said that the photos were portals. That one could step into the pictures and see and feel what was there.

In this routine, you are completely hands off. Your spectator can freely mix the photos. Imagine being able to have an audience member make a free selection of which one they want. This is totally out of your hands and out of your control.

You can describe in specific detail what each person is looking at. You can do this remotely or over the telephone. You are not even required to be physically present when this is presented.

Then they turn the photo over and on the back there is specific information about the place and some event, all of which you can describe.

This beautifully packaged and powerful effect comes with ten hand assembled, aged and appropriately stained photos and a stained glassine bag to hold them. You will also receive a PDF that contains the instructions, and a multitude of presentation ideas and angles for performance.

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