The Handyman’s Magic Kit

$ 45.00

The Handyman’s Magic Kit
based on a concept and handling by Phil Willmarth
presentation by Mark Strivings

An incredibly commercial take on one of the classic close up tricks of all time! The trick itself is one that you certainly know and probably have done. What we have here is the perfect set of props upon which to hang all kinds of magical fun and frolic. That, combined with by far the best handling of the trick itself that I have ever seen makes this a winner!

This is the classic ‘two in the hand, one in the pocket’ but with a set of props that allows for so much room for entertainment, it’s almost criminal.

Based on the handling and a presentational idea of the late, great Phil Willmarth, “The Handyman’s Magic Kit” is loaded with mirth and mystery.

In case you’re not familiar with this classic premise, here’s the basic idea. The performer introduces three small objects of some sort. Two of them are placed into his hand and the third goes into his pocket. After the magic happens, the third object mysteriously rejoins the other two in the closed hand! This can be repeated ad nauseum. There have been a variety of climaxes for this very commercial trick, including all of the objects vanishing completely, as well as an unexpected final object appearing in their place.

In this case the objects are actually small hands! There’s ‘Lefty’, ‘Righty’ and the most famous of all, ‘Other’ (as in, “…on the other hand…”)

The shenanigans occur over a bevy of puns and bad jokes that all add up to everything from chuckles to gut laughs. And the finish, oh my the finish. I actually give you four different options for the finish. But let’s just say that one of the finishes involves one of the strangest objects you’ve ever seen making its appearance in place of the three hands for a killer (and hysterical) finale!

A word of warning, there is very basic sleight of hand in this routine. But it’s like baby sleight of hand. If you can hold three small objects in your hand, put your thumb on one of them and dump the other two out, you can do this trick.

This effect utilizes choreography by Phil Willmarth that takes this very simple effect to the next level. Everything is so clean and open and easy that there simply doesn’t seem to be any way that sleight of hand is occurring, and yet it is. And it’s easy sleight of hand. If you already do sleight of hand, this is the simplest trick you have ever done. If you’ve never done sleight of hand here is your chance to hang with the big boys. This trick will make you look like an expert.

You get everything you need to perform this miracle including four different possible final productions! But trust me, you’re going to want to go for the one thing where you’ll need to do a tiny bit of one-time prep on your own. It’s sooooo worth it!

Here’s what you get (all pics are below):

four little hands that look perfect (approx 1 3/8” long)
one larger hand (just shy of 3” long)
four little eyeballs (1/2” long)
one medium sized eyeball (just over 3/4” long)
one large eyeball (1 1/8” long)
one perfect translucent plastic box which is used to both hold the smaller props at the beginning of the routine as well as transport all of them between shows (1 3/4” X 1 1/2” X 1”)

The basic effect is done with the four little hands. You are undoubtedly familiar with what’s happening there.

When you get to the end and you are ready for the finish of the routine, in place of the 3rd little hand returning to join the other two yet again, they all vanish and in their place, I give you FOUR different options:

You can finish with three of the four little eyeballs (‘ever hear the saying the hand is quicker than the eye?’), the extra little eyeball being a spare in case you ever need it.

You can finish with the large eyeball (see the tag line above)

You can finish with the large hand (‘how about we give these hard workers a big hand!’)

OR you can finish with my personal favorite, technology! (‘Have you heard about brand new the iHand?’, the last picture below)

Fair warning here, if you want to use the wonderfully weird ending that I use you will have to construct it yourself using the medium eyeball and the larger hand from your set. I give complete instructions in the manuscript that comes with the trick on how best to do it. It’s not at all difficult, and so worth it.

(For those who may be grumbling right now, be sure to scroll clear to the end of this write up for more info…)

You can do this little miracle literally anywhere that close up is called for and appropriate. Want to do it strolling? You can! Want to include it in your full evening close up show Off-Broadway? You can! Want to do it for your friends and family and be the hit of the party? You absolutely can!

You receive everything listed above along with the highly detailed manuscript that lays out everything you need to know, including some very helpful tips that make the workings of this even better.

The props are beautiful and wonderfully weird. The handling is perfection, yet so easy. The routine is so much fun and highly adaptable. I even include extra material, jokes and bits that you can incorporate into your routine.

You can have everything you need above plus the detailed manuscript, the makings of a commercial miracle

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