Le Bâton de la Mort (The Death Wand)

$ 175.00

Le Bâton de la Mort (The Death Wand)

For many years Dark Relics has seen traditional wands that express the simple, elegant, and functional approach to close-up conjuring. We decided to challenge ourselves with creating a wand, that defines the sorts of themes and symbols that are wielded by darker storytellers.

Le bâton de la Mort (The Death Wand) is the result! This limited edition wand will be the centerpiece of your collection of oddities. While no two are exactly alike, each comes with a custom glass fronted display case. The wands can be easily removed and utilized to conjure whatever apparitions or mystical powers you choose.

Gemini Artifacts is proud to present bizarre magic's first signature wand.

Available now...till the series vanishes!

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