Stomping Grounds

$ 99.00

The Devil’s Stomping Grounds is a legendary place… A Haunted Place… where some say the Devil himself emerges from the depths and paces in circles. Some say it’s an ancient Indian burial ground. Others claim that Indian tribes would never go near that place because of the evil spirits. How the antique shop came to own an old pouch of stones supposedly from that evil spot is a bit mysterious, but they were certainly eager to get rid of them. Now you own them. And there’s a problem. One of the stones will make itself known to you, no matter who in the room is holding it. Somehow it reveals itself to you in unexplained ways. Is it the work of ancient Indians? Or the Devil himself?


Stomping Grounds comes complete with the five stones, hand sewn leather pouch, gimmick, complete instructions and full, audience tested script.

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