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Texas, 1955

The weather had been hot for weeks. Still spring though. Didn't seem to matter to Mother Nature. She turned on the heat that May and didn't want to let go of the switch.

Suddenly, in the middle of all that heat, a storm blew in; cold one at that. Down right chill in the air. Some just thought it was quick relief from the sweltering heat that was surely a sign of a torrid summer to come. Some thought it was a sign of something worse, an omen of sorts. Texas is strange that way...
Some were right.

The storm passed quickly and quietly... but something happened in Texas that night back in 1955 and it was not quiet. No, not quiet at all.

She was the senior class president. She was a beauty, friendly and smart too. She was on the debate team and she was a member of the chess club.

Sadly, she was also on someones mind; someone close; someone that just could not stop thinking about her. 

They say that jealousy can overpower the soul. Make seemingly normal upstanding people do, well lets just say, things out of nature for them. This was more than that of course, much much more.

People forget, people move away and time moves on, but here in this town there are some things you just can't get away from. The ghosts remain. Its all still there. The whole sad story for anyone to see. Right there between the pages of that odd old yearbook. 

We created Yearbook because of the fantastic juxtaposition between an innocent object we all know, that is not only part of our culture, but a very memorable part of our lives. 

Now take that "innocent" yearbook and give it a little "twist". "Something is not quite right. It looks like a yearbook inside, but there is something "off" about it. Yes, it is a mis-print and does look a little odd, but there is much more that is rather strange?.
This yearbook was never distributed to the students. The first run came off the printer and they were stamped "Mis-Print Not for distribution". 

A somewhat seemingly normal yearbook, yet if you know the truth, you know that somehow this "Mis-Printed" book, has clues to a murder that happened at Garfield High that year, and a murder that occurred five years after the book was printed.

Considering that old yearbooks in general are kind of creepy, we created Yearbook to be one of the strangest bizarre/seance artifacts ever. A conduit to the spirit world... 

There is a "booktest" built into YB. It will lead the spec to a very big clue. 

Each book comes with an old newspaper article that is actually "The Key" to solving the mystery of the book. 

The book, printed in black and white, is "old school" big—10.5 x 8.5—aged to reflect the seven decades that have passed since its appearance. 

The embossed cover—which bears the school’s nickname, “The Guardians” and its symbol, an archangel holding a sword—is distressed and looks wicked creepy. 

There is no violence depicted in the yearbook. The pictures are yearbook photos from the 50's, just, not like what you're used to seeing. They tell her story, Wanda's story. The story of who killed her and why. 

There are easter eggs. Wanda came back and she brought things with her. 

Yearbook is a fictitious work. 

Yearbook contains an interesting story with a small built in matrix effect that reveals the victim or the killer. 

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