Whim of Pegasus

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Welcome to the first release of the Gemini Classics line. My goal is to introduce some classics of magic to a new audience. There are other items in the works, so keep an eye out at geminiartifacts.com for other offerings. These classic effects of mentalism and the bizarre will hopefully be new to some, a favorite of others and be shown to a wide audience.

First up is The Whim of Pegasus. This is my take on a classic. Known first as A Page of Mystery, this effect has gone through many changes from its first conception in 1925.

Some Include:

A Page of Mystery - Herbert Milton 1925

Whim of Tituba - Ted Anneman 1939

Sid Fleischman - 1945

Arthur Emerson 1960's

Tony Corinda - 1960's

This volume represents a collection of essays from 1886 on Witchcraft, the planchette and spiritualism. This modern day reprint not only is an effect, but a wonderful and informative read. I thought it appropriate that this released should be based on the Salem Witch trials as that was the subject of Ted Annemans routine.

Your tale is told and a small box brought out. Inside is a book on the subject of witchcraft and communicating with the dead. The book is removed and the box is closed and left in full view of the spectators. While the magicians head is turned the pages are riffled through and the spectator is asked to say stop. The page is shown and the page number memorized (or word) and the book is immediately closed.

The evenings performance can continue, or the reveal immediate.

The spectator is asked to remember their page number and turn to it in the book. When they get to their page, they find it has been torn out of the book. They are invited to open the box and inside is the missing torn out page!

That is just one of many excited revelations possible with this effect. 

Whim of Pegasus comes with:

  • Paperback version of the 1886 book - Witchcraft, Planchette, Spiritualism. 
  • Printed manual with effect explanation and extra "special" pages.
  • *Full sized wooded planchette. (The planchette is not used in the effect, but as a wonderful gateway to the subject matter of the book.) 

*While supplies last.

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