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Before any major exorcism, a ritual takes place. A handful of copper crosses are picked up by the Bishop, and cast down. The crosses that have the image facing heaven are removed, and the ones facing down towards hell are picked up and cast again. This process is repeated until a final cross is left. This cross is then stamped by the Bishop, and sent to the priest to use in the exorcism.

Before you is a box of these crosses. Inside the box contains:

10 hand stamped crosses in a velveteen bag.

1 Letter from the Bishop complete with postage mark and stamp.

1 Penny

The box is opened and the contents removed. The penny and letter are handed out to the audience for examination, while a spectator is asked up on stage. The spectator is instructed to take the crosses and begin casting them as the Bishop would. The crosses are all different, and shown on them are the initials of people that have had exorcisms throughout history.

The spectator begins the ritual of casting the crosses. The facing heaven crosses are removed, and the remainder are cast again. The spectator does this until there is only one cross left. They read the initials on the cross.

The performer tells the tale of the final cross that has been cast. The year of the exorcism matches the year on the penny perfectly. The letter is opened and it reveals an exact name match to the cast cross.

Welcome to VRS.

Gemini Artifacts is proud to present this handcrafted prop for your consideration. Each VRS kit comes with:

  • The aged cherry stained box complete with copper cross adorned on its lid.
  • 10 Aged copper crosses that have been hand stamped.
  • Highly detailed letter with postage mark, and postage.
  • 1 Penny
  • Certificate of Authenticity.

VRS is limited to 100 copies.


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