Unearthed - Bram Stoker Rare Papers

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Discover Dracula like never before with museum quality reproductions from the life of Bram Stoker!

My research over the past fifteen years to co-author two international bestselling novels: Dracula the Un-Dead and Dracul; I have visited libraries, private collections and archives which has brought me in contact with incredibly rare books, papers, letters, and manuscripts. Every time I hold one of these treasured documents it strikes me that this is the closest I will get to my great grand uncle Bram Stoker, he lives on in these thoughts and words. Our goal is to recreate the special sense of discovery and reverence that comes from beholding for oneself these treasures of my great grand uncles’ personal history and that of his research and writing of Dracula. These replica documents, representative of the material legacy of Bram Stoker, are hand aged and come in a variety of different paper types. 

Dacre Stoker is the great grand-nephew of Bram Stoker and the international best-selling co-author of Dracula the Un-Dead (Dutton, 2009), the official Stoker family endorsed sequel to Dracula. Dacre is also the co-editor (with Elizabeth Miller) of The Lost Journal of Bram Stoker: The Dublin Years (Robson Press, 2012). Dacre has consulted and appeared in recent film documentaries about vampires in literature and popular culture. The Real Vampire Files (2010 History Channel), The Tillinghast Nightmare, (2014 Historical Haunts), Secrets of the Dead (2015 PBS), Mysteries at the Museum, (2017 Travel Channel) Legend Hunter (2019 Travel Channel) He currently hosts tours to Dublin, Ireland, Cruden Bay, Scotland, and Whitby UK, to visit places where Bram Stoker lived, was educated, wrote, and researched. He also leads groups to Transylvania to explore both the life an times of the historic Vlad Dracula lll and also the locations where Bram Stoker set his famous novel.

Each item goes through an extensive multi step aging process. The techniques used come from years of experience as a special effects expert in the field of film and theater. With quality and realism paramount, we use fine linen papers. Thick stock is used for cabinet cards with mounted photo. Traces of foxing can be found throughout.

Each UNEARTHED box is hand made and aged appropriately. The box has a beautiful STOKER brass nameplate adorned on its lid. Leather hinges give the authentic feel of a wonderful collection. 

ction. When opening its lid, you will find an aged map of Transylvania.

Each UNEARTHED box measures (13.5in x 11in x 5.5in). 

Rare Map Bram used for planning Dracula This rare map of Romania was found inside one of the books that Bram used for his Dracula research in the London Library. Hand aged and suitable for framing. Size: 22x16 in.

For a more detailed look at UNEARTHED, visit the video below. 

UNEARTHED is a hand made product and will be shipping APRIL 2021. 

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