The Wishing Mirror

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Be careful what you wish for. It may just come true.

Something went terribly wrong one night at Mina Crandon’s home. The next day, Anna Grayson lay dead in the street. Recreate the events of that night at Mina’s séance table.

Welcome to The Wishing Mirror. Perhaps Gemini Artifacts finest offering.

TWM, designed as a versatile utility piece suited to many different routines, is a 3-inch (7.62 cm) disc cast in solid metal. One side bears the signs of the zodiac, the other a mirror able to predict the future.

In the basic routine, four powerful hits await:

A tarot deck is brought out. (Variations for a shuffled and non-shuffled version are in the manual.)

The spectator removes a few of the tarot cards and places them aside. (variations in the manual.)

The remaining cards are placed in a circle around TWM.

HIT #1 – Spectator’s card coincides with Anna’s zodiacal sign. Next,

HIT #2 – Spectator’s card is found to be the DEATH card, recalling the tragedy of that night, and yet

HIT #3 – The remaining cards are discovered to be completely blank. Then,

Hit #4 – The TWM disc is flipped over to reveal the word DEATH has appeared on the mirror.

Each step of the effect builds upon the included story. This self-working effect is perfect for beginners or advanced performers.

An additional SUN tarot card is included to allow for a lighter presentation, if desired.

What you receive:

1 - 3” Wishing mirror solid metal disc.

25 - Blank face Tarot cards. (2”x4”)

1 - Death Tarot Card (2”x4”)

1 - Sun Tarot Card (2”x4”)

1 - Shoppe Branded box to hold it all in.

PDF Manual

Each mirror is aged in a 4-step process. Tarot cards are 110lb. thickness and are hand aged and waxed.

TWM is releasing as a set. In this release, you receive the mirror and a set of specially aged tarot cards.

Future routines and cards will be available based on a variety of subjects.

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