$ 175.00


The B O G is an easy to perform storytelling piece.

The (included) museum card reads:

  The performer displays one such gift box. Inside the worn leather strapped box are five musket shot. Four are darkened with age, one bright silver. All are dropped into a small bag to be mixed about. The performer continues with the tale and explains how one of the five spectators will be blessed with good luck and perhaps even fortune.

One by one they reach into the bag removing a single shot. Not looking themselves, they keep the musket shot held tightly in their hand.

The performer knows exactly who has the silver shot and the good fortune!

The BOG includes:

Hand Crafted Leather Hinged Tim Wisseman Box

One Silver Musket Ball

Four Authentic Musket Balls from the 1700’s.

Bag with BOG stamping

Museum Card with French/English


Multiple methods explained in the manual. Tell the tale of one of the first legends of the werewolf. Very simple to do yet has a powerful impact.

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