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Salem by Jim Kleefeld

Step back in time to 1692 with your spectators and have them examine a book full of history of the Salem Witch Trials. Use it to perform several mind-reading miracles on a variety of audience members. You let anyone open to any page in the Narrative History of the Trials section and you can immediately read their thoughts about what is on the page. Then you have anyone choose any accused person from the Trial Results section, and you can tell them exactly who they are thinking of, whether the accused was convicted or innocent, their sentence at the trial, even the month the trial was held and the exact number of participants. 
A truly unique prop, method and routine. A magnificent prop, Salem is an a careful reproduction of an antique book written in the 1600s about the Salem witch trials. It has old original woodcut illustrations, fancy flourish title lettering and detailed information about witchcraft in Early America. It looks authentic and genuine, yet is is meticulously gaffed to allow you to perform not one, but several strong effects. The book has two sections, both different in formatting and type of information. Each one allows you to perform several different effects. Use either or both sections. Make one quick revelation or carry out a 20-minute routine.
In the Narrative Section, the spectator opens to any page and reads the first line to herself. You tell her the exact nature of what she has read. She can turn to another page and you repeat your divination. Do it three or five times in a row. Each page is different and each time, you know exactly what the spectator is thinking about. Best of all, the book can be read from cover to cover with absolutely no clue as to the method. It truly reads and handles like a completely normal book. There are no short pages, no duplicate pages, no repeating vocabulary, no long obscure words, no unintelligible sentences—nothing to tip off the method to anyone.
In the Trial Results section, each page has facts and information about a specific person on trial for witchcraft. Without knowing the page or seeing the text, you can tell the spectator the full first and last name of the accused, whether she was found guilty or innocent, whether she was hanged, drowned, stoned, pressed or released. You can even tell the exact month the trial was  held and how many people attended. All without looking at a thing.
No fishing, no elaborate memorization, no special cheat sheets, no extra props, no outside gaffs, no stooges. So easy, you will be performing it in no time. Although the effects are very easy to perform, Salem includes an elaborate 20-page manual with information, routines, tips, suggestions, background and more, plus free helpful “reminder” bookmarks.
Salem is a terrific addition to your arsenal of mentalism or bizarre routines. The story of the Salem Witchcraft trials is fascinating to everyone, and this magnificent prop allows you to perform miracles around that story.
Created by Jim Kleefeld. Produced by Gemini Artifacts.

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