$ 25.00

As we go through life, there are people, events, and images that are forever branded into our memory. Moments in time we never forget. A face, a song, a place we long to return to.

Let someone choose that moment in time they've never forgotten. Let them travel back, silently in their minds, and revisit their past. As they close their eyes and relive the memory, you suddenly start describing the exact event of which they are merely Thinking!

That little scenario above, that's exactly what happens. How you ask, can such a powerful feat be pulled off? With four very special little business size cards.

The backs of all four cards are identical. The picture above is exactly what the cards look like. They all say Memory Pattern Test 198, they are all black backed cards. 

  • The spectator never says a word or writes anything down. 
  • There are no forces of any type. 
  • You will describe in detail the exact event they are merely thinking of.
  • Includes 8 page PDF and 4 laminated Memory Pattern Test cards.

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