The Finger

$ 100.00

Ed Solomon was a friend of mine. He was also a giant in the world of bizarre and storytelling magic. Before his passing in January of 2015, Ed bequeathed the rights to all his writings, books, copyrights, prop patents, performance rights and the DeNomolos brand to fellow mystery entertainer Rolando Santos.

I came across one of Ed’s great “gems of bizarrre magic,” as Ed himself referred to it, in the Volume 9, Issue 1 of The Alter Flame. I gathered together a set of props, and Rolando and I decided this one was too good not to be made available to practitioners of the art.

Effect: In an attempt to reach the spirit of an old east Texas grandfather, the magician produces a preserved severed finger from the old man, along with some of his cremains. With the aid of a spectator, the spirit is successfully contacted.

What you receive:

  • One silicone severed finger
  • One display bottle One burlap bag containing supply of ashes
  • Two small candles for writing messages
  • Several torn pieces of parchment-like paper
  • A wooden box to house the props
  • An instruction booklet printed on parchment-like paper

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