Coffee and Serial

$ 150.00

Serial killers are a fascinating lot.

Their personalities often result in their need to taunt the authorities. Jack the Ripper famously sent letters to the police. The Golden State Killer used the telephone.

Our present serial killer, as yet unidentified, tortures, kills, and dismembers his victims, and then taunts the police by sending them one of the victim’s body parts. This serial killer apparently stalks his prey at local coffee shops while enjoying his favorite brew. He lures them to his residence, where the unspeakable takes place.

Several suspects are under investigation, and the police may just have been aided by the uncharacteristically sloppy work of the killer. It seems that his latest “gift” to the police contains evidence he might have unintentionally left with the proffered body part. Did he just “tip his hand?”

What you receive:

- Ten hand-made and waxed suspect records containing the name, address, occupation, and investigation notes for each of eight suspects.

- One card containing a quote of Jack the Ripper’s famous “From Hell” letter

- One old man’s severed hand, made of silicone

- One evidence box containing “bloody” tissue paper, in which the severed hand was shipped to police

- One set of instructions in a parchment-like booklet, complete with suggested patter

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