By the Roll of the Dice

$ 50.00

Most of us are familiar with the sinking of the Titanic on April 15, 1912. Many stories of heroism and sacrifice have emerged from this disaster, but one story has remarkably eluded widespread notice.

This is that story.

As the ship began to break apart, a small group piled into the last remaining lifeboat. The tiny vessel bobbed on the surface of the frigid North Atlantic waters and was somehow missed by rescuers. Alone at sea, the nine sought from among them a leader to bring them to safety.

Bascome Jones, a dice man from the ship’s gambling parlor, assumed the role. As days passed and the boat’s provisions dwindled, it became obvious that all of the passengers could not be saved; there simpliy was not enough water to support them all.

And so, Jones devised a way to determine who would be sent over the side. And so began a ruthless selection process using the tools of Jones’ trade: a pair of dice. After several passengers were sent to certain death, the remaining few revolted.

Will the survivors make it to safety, or will they all end up as dinner for the sharks?

What you receive: - Nine aged passenger photographs

- One aged newspaper clipping

- One pair of “special” dice

- One black velvet bag to carry the props

- One instruction manual, printed on parchment-like paper

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