Witches Almanac Crib

$ 15.00

The Witches Almanac Crib

There is a picture of five people, with what appears to be overwritten captions near the four corners of the crib. Of course, the captions are not referring to the people in the picture, but contains the keywords of the seven Witches Almanac hits.

It is mounted to the back of a vintage, unused, vintage U.S. U.S. prepaid postal card.

Overall, the crib looks like something that would be sitting in a book of Inner Truths.

As the Gemini Artifacts instructions states, the Witches Almanac is an appealing, almost folksy book, sharing its Inner Truths, arcane artwork and quotes about the tradition of witchcraft.

For a convincing looking picture, 1 wanted a picture with intelligent, folksy but mysterious looking people in it, portraits of people who could really be witches.

The instructions will give you links to the background of everyone in the picture, if you decide that you want to use that info in your presentation.

Shipping Included for Crib Only

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