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In 1917 a remarkable book came out in the US: The Sorry Tale by Patience Worth. It was remarkable because the author had been dead for over 300 years and the entire book, a story of Christ not unlike Ben Hur, was written exclusively through a Ouija board over many sessions, most of them very public. The story of Patience Worth rocked Spiritualists across America, for this was (and still remains) one of the most compelling true stories of actual spiritual contact. Go online, use your favourite search engine, type in Patience Worth and The Sorry Tale to discover the uncanny true background to Prof BC's latest miracle: SPECTRE.

Your spec takes up the book. She decides whether she is interested in the past, present, or future. She thinks of an issue in her life, never mentioning it to anyone or writing it down. It remains locked in her mind alone. She opens the book to any page without suggestion or guidance from you or anybody. Everything may be done in complete silence. No peeks. No fishing. No stooges. No questions asked. Nothing but precisely what was just stated. Without speaking or writing anything down and with no leading or control, the spec does it all.

She sets out a collection of mystic stones 'from the River Jordan', and you begin to tell her what it means. Suddenly, the book is leading her further and further into the impossible. Patience Worth seems to be in direct communication with her. The scrying stones' message is revealed little by little, elements that only the spec can know from her secretly selected page are as clear to Patience Worth as if she were looking over the spec's shoulder . . . and perhaps she is, for at last she speaks directly to the spec from off that very page, and an uncanny message is suddenly revealed that has been before the spec all along, a message directed precisely at her in response to the issue in her mind. Patience Worth delivers to her a remarkable oracle.

You may move immediately to another spec and present a completely different reading for her. Different results and a completely different message will emerge reading after reading. Conservatively speaking, SPECTRE allows you at least 600 different sessions, so no two readings will ever be the same.

SPECTRE was created to be performed as an Oracle Book, allowing you to conduct a reading of the spec's Past, Present, or Future in which the book yields the final message to the spec. However, SPECTRE can also be used in mindreading, séance, and one-off performance situations.

The book itself is a faithful reproduction of Patience Worth's remarkable tome, gently aged to perfection. Inside, as with all Prof BC books, you or your spec may read the book cover-to-cover without ever tipping the method. It is just that clean. As a special bonus, SPECTRE may be directly incorporated into any Doppelganger routine (although it is not itself an actual Doppelganger).

The performance manual covers an array of handlings and effects complete with scripts and routines for performing SPECTRE in a variety of venues and with a number of themes.

SPECTRE by Professor BC.

There will be 152 units available, and as always, once they are gone, they are gone forever.

UPDATE - Less  than 13 available!



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