38 Blocks

$ 100.00


Gemini Artifacts is proud to present Paul Noffsinger’s 38 BLOCKS book test. This incredible pocket sized book is based on an actual book from 1915.

38 BLOCKS recreates one of New Orleans famous BLUE BOOKS. A Blue Book was in its simplest form a listing of prostitutes and local brothels located in the 38 block area in New Orleans called STORYVILLE.

Throughout its pages, you will find real names and places in history. But what exactly makes 38 BLOCKS magical?

EFFECT #1 - With 38 BLOCKS you can have a spectator turn to any page. Any page at all. There are no forces in 38 BLOCKS, and the spectator always has a completely free choice. Some pages contain pictures and short profiles of some of the ladies, while other pages list many on a single page. The spectator looks through the book and chooses a profile of a lady of the night. The spectator reads the profile to themselves and learns much about the specific girl. They can learn her nationality or favorite flower. They can learn about her hair color or personality. After the spectator chooses and reads the profile silently, they turn to the next page and begin reading a list of names aloud. The names can be read in any order.

The work has been done and the performer now knows not only the name of the profile the spectator is looking at, but also her nationality, personality trait, hair type and a personal item. This information can be revealed in a spooky routine by contacting one of the ghosts of Storyville or as a mentalism routine.

EFFECT #2 – A similar process as above is repeated on a page with a picture of one of the many Brothels. This information can now be revealed as a drawing!

EFFECT #3 – To be revealed at a later date, EFFECT #3 is part of a larger STORYVILLE SÉANCE that will be slowly released over time.

This aged replica is printed in color and contains all the advertisements and girls of the era. 38 BLOCKS contains nudity and is intended for mature audiences.

In addition, as a special event hosted by THE MYSTERY COLLECTIONS CONVERSATIONS, ANYONE who purchases 38 BLOCKS will be entered to win a DRACULA ANTIQUARIAN ARTIST EDITION. The winner will be drawn LIVE with host PAUL NOFFSINGER and special guest DACRE STOKER, the Great Grand Nephew of BRAM STOKER on the June show.





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