The King in Green

$ 150.00


Put aside the ghosts and witches, goblins and murderers for a while and give your audience a fresh plot and a new magical experience.
Take them on a journey they will never forget, back to the ancient days when the Earth was alive and the spirit of the Green was King.
A new plot for an old idea. A magical journey of the mind. A transformation.   
A Magickal ritual.
Bring back that which we have lost.

A magickal routine that is based on a very old and simple move. Yet, we have layered upon this many techniques to transform it into something that will bring meaning, wonder and true magick to your performance.

The audience are shown a small box that you have acquired from a peculiar old museum in England. It contains a small green pouch, along with a number of relevant documents, museum cards letters and newspaper clippings.
Inside the pouch is a tiny, but ancient object from the days when magick was alive. It depicts the head of a ‘Green Man’; the pagan king who carries the sap of the natural world in his veins over the cold winter months, slumbering in the dark forest until the first rays of the spring sun awaken him from his slumber.
Tiny as this object is, it is alive with the power of the great, sleeping King in Green. When held, in the hand, he awakens and fills the imagination with the spirit of the ancient days.
A member of the audience is chosen to take this journey, to see if her spirit cannot be used to infuse the lifeless clay. She is taken back in time and witnesses a transformation. What she sees is something she will never forget.
Something timeless…

What you Get
  • 2 hand made Green Man fetish objects in a green velvet pouch
  • A range of documents for you to investigate the mystery that lies at the heart of the story - and for you to use in performance.
  • A printed book of the central performance and a quick start guide to get you performing right away.
  • A rather thick pdf manual exploring the central routine in great detail as well as other suggested routines and variants. We also look at various powerful techniques that you can use to make the piece truly magickal.
  • All enclosed is a authentically aged museum display box.

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