Little Box of Spirits

$ 250.00

The Little Box of Spirits 
By Christopher J. Gould and Paul Kostrach


Here is a mysterious little box at a casual glance, it is your grandfather's old travel shaving box, but there is so much more to find here. 

How can such a small box contain so many tales?

From talking to the spirits and undergoing a mystical journey to meet your animal soul, to banishing phobias and telling the tragic tale of a father and his twin sons.

So many spirits.

So many secrets.

The Little Box of Spirits is a simple antique wooden shaving box, but under the top cover is a secret – grandfather's hidden pendulum board, used for communicating with the Other Side.  Small items placed into the box may vanish into the ether; or a message from the spirits may appear on a previously empty calling card – or perhaps that photo is not now quite what it was when it was first placed into the box  And at the end of the séance, a final discovery: a secret compartment containing - a confession, perhaps?

Although the Little Box of Spirits can be used as a general utility device, we have included several quick routines that can be performed right away, plus the longer story of The Twins, a fantastic séance from the mind of Christopher J. Gould.  In the manual you will find both the storytelling and the magical versions of this piece, which can be played as a chilling bit of mystery theatre, or as a sentimental family story, depending on your inclination.

The 134-page printed manual includes full performance tips for the routines, notes on pendulum work, the psychology of the various routines, handling of the box itself, and more.

In this set you get:

The Little Box of Spirits itself (which features the hidden pendulum board, the locking flap it locks in both positions and only deploys when needed and the secret compartment).

A 6x9, 134-page, perfect bound softcover manual.

A signed and numbered COA.

An aged key pendulum.

A set of three photos for use with The Twins.

Two aged parchment notes for use with The Twins.

A feather, for use in an alternate routine.

Small enough to fit in a coat pocket for walk-around, this little box can be the focus of a full séance.  No electronics needed.


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