Kadar Pro

$ 175.00

Look into my eyes my inquisitive  friend.
Life is unpredictable, and there is nothing more unpredictable that the future. Or so it must be for you humans!
Look into my eyes, for Kadar can see deep into your soul. For him, the future holds no mystery as the curtain parts and all is revealed.
Cross my palm with silver and I will tell you who you really are, what is central to your life at the moment, and what will befall.
Nothing is a secret my child……
Kadar knows!
The Complete Kadar reading system in a highly portable form.
Nothing beats getting the Kadar pro set out at your local psychic soiree.
However, the pro set is ideally suited to walk around or impromptu readings.
You can always have it to hand and it is ready to work for you.
The Pro set contains everything you need to perform Kadar in a professional or casual setting.
  • Five beautifully designed Kadar Cabinet Cards, mounted on wood, waxed and hand finished.
  • Individually hand crafted Moonskin Leather Case.
  • Full printed manual and pdf sent by post of the full Kadar system.
  • Entry to the Kadar Klub for additional support and updated content.
  • Kadar Certificate of Authenticity.

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