Kadar Kabinet

$ 250.00

The Kadar Cabinet is a wonderful utility device, not only for Kadar Readers but for any working psychic or entertainer. It's main function is for handing out fortunes at a psychic party or mystery event. However, it is a wonderful addition to the Kadar readers travelling repository. We also provide an rather mind-blowing 200 page document of ideas and routines that you can use in addition to this.

What does the Kadar Kabinet do?

Kadar Kabinet for the Psychic Worker.

Well that is really up to you. We see this very much as a utility device for the working professional.

It's main use is as a simple way of handing out fortunes at a performance, show or at a psychic fare.

Although we think its most flexible and practical use is as a simple but fun opening or pre-show item, we also include many examples of more complex ideas and uses. A great way to introduce yourself in any situation and ensure that everyone is included in a fortune-telling event.


Kadar Kabinet for the Mystery Performer.

The Kabinet performs the same function for the performer, it is a great pre-show or quick opener to your act, as you include everyone quickly and efficiently. Of course it has plenty of more devious uses too (many of which are included in the pdf), for example, you can obviously put tickets in as well as take them out - so a great devise for QnA. So although the Kabinet was intended as a simple utility device, there are a few solid ideas and routines that come - er, out of the box.


Kadar Kabinet for the Kadar reader.

If you are a Kadar reader you will need no help in how to use this. You can use the cards as you would normally, and have the Kabinet for 'Practical Affirmation' slips, or you can work readings directly from the box itself. If you already read with Kadar, you will need no convincing on this product.


Kadar for the Collector.

Most of the people who visit the moon fall into the category of performer/collector. Of course ALL of them fall into the category of interesting person. The collector will not need any encouragement from us either, you only have to look at it. We have not put a final edition number on this, however, they ARE handmade, and do take time to make, so there will not be too many of these in circulation.

Each Kabinet is handmade and beautifully finished by Peter McMillan making it not only a beautiful tool for performance, but also a unique collector's item.

Full Description of box and contents.

Sturdy wooden box with magnetic lid. Box turns on its own 'lazy susan' base. Four coin/billet slots on lid. Image of the Four Kadri on each face. Built from solid wood, with brass trimmings. Hand painted and finished.

Printed quickstart guide.

Certificate of authenticity.

Comprehensive pdf. This covers the basic use of the box, as well as providing many other uses and ideas. The book also contains the downloads for printing out your own tickets (we provide several sets of pre designed tickets and a blank design, so you can start making up your own unique sets.

You have full rights to print off the tickets and use the graphics in your own work. For example, why not use the backs of the cards to print your contact details. A solid reason for your audience to keep your business card.

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