Elite Poker Card Cases

$ 125.00


The first thing that will impress you as you hold them in your hand is the sheer quality of the make. Unlike most of the card cases you can get on the market, these are not cheap mass-produced and glued, they are all individually made, hand stitched and the quality needs to be seen to be believed.

Another thing to excite is the wonderful and logical way the gimmicks are incorporated into the cases. There are three gimmicks packed in there; two peek devices and an Imp Pad. These can be used individually, or in conjunction. Therefore, it is possible to work with three people at ones, using a different method for each. I do not need to tell you the potential of this. The peeks and the imp pad are so logically incorporated into the case and the handling of the case, that no one will ever suspect anything. With the Kadar Case there is even more logic, as the case becomes a symbolic fortune telling cabinet.

Both slots are designed to take a business card or billet, however, the slot on the back is large enough to take a whole playing card. You could also fit a playing card into the second slot, but this is a little on the tight side, so we recommend business cards in here. This obviously makes the case larger than needed for a deck of cards. So, each case goes out with a wrap for you to put your cards into and to make them a better fit in the case. In playtests, getting playing cards out of a wrap (tarot style) has proven to be aesthetically very effective too.

This card case is designed to fit only poker sized cards. 

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