Artifactum Museum Tube

$ 125.00

A path lay before me - beyond the portal I had created in an acute angle of my study – a strange dreamlike landscape seen through a haze of numosity and déjà vu. A figure appears, a monk or hermit; face hidden in the thick folds of a cowl. The figure holds up his lantern and beckons me. I join him. We walk a path illustrated with images of my innermost dreams, to arrive at a moonlit castle, protected by a circular moat. I recognize this as a portal depicted on one of the pages of the ancient book of the Artifactum. We enter and walk the incoherent maze of corridors, arriving at a small domed library. Silently, my enigmatic guide takes a tube from one of the shelves and unfurls what appears to be an arcane map. Instantly I recognize that the image illustrates the journey that we have just undertaken, as well as a clear depiction of the journey I am yet to take....


In this Hors d'oeuvre to the full Artifactum Altar you will receive: The museum tube, the print needed for the performance's final reveal, the wand, dice, and the Artifactum Altar Quick Start routine. This set excludes the mounted print on the rather fine wooden Altar, and the extended book giving the deeper secrets. However, what you will get is everything that you need to perform the Artifactum Altar ritual. Our thinking is that the repentant scholar can make amends at a later point.

It is advised that you have the Artifactum itself, but even then, we have supplied a routine for those who do not (yet) own this splendid artefact. The apprentice Magician is fully catered for here.

In this performance, the Mage takes the person on stage into a strange alternate dimension fashioned from her imagination. This dreamer stands at the very gates of the Artifactum and glimpses the secret quality she desires most from life. Not only does the Mage hold the key to this secret, but as he has accompanied her on her dreamlike vision, he sees what she sees. At the climax of the performance, the Mage takes a piece of parchment from an old museum tube and lays it out before the astonished gaze of those who have gathered to watch the ritual. Here, depicted in the weathered lines of the antique print is the journey all have just witnessed; a journey clearly designed many, many years ago by the scribes of the ancient Artifactum.

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